Twin River distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

One of Scotland’s new wave of experimental ‘craft’ whisky distilleries, Twin River combines traditional Scottish distilling practices with modern American techniques and kit to produce a range of whiskies, gins and spirits. Its cosy home within Banchory’s Deeside Brewery is fitting – the distillery draws on its brewers’ experience with varying barley roasts and alternative grains.

Its first single malt was produced from a chocolate malt mash with a long ferment, double-distilled in two square iStills (set up to distil both malted barley and grain) and filled into 55-litre octaves for a rapid period of maturation. Twin River intends to release its first single malt in 2020 when it’s just three years old.

As well as single malt, the distillery plans on producing an aged rye spirit matured in 200-litre American rye whiskey casks fitted with additional toasted oak pieces to accelerate maturation.

  • Region
  • Production type
    Single malt
  • Distillery Status

Twin River History

Deeside Brewery was founded in Banchory in 2012 by Michael Bain, a former IT entrepreneur-turned-bar owner (of Dusk in Aberdeen).

The team installed distilling equipment in an extension to the brewery in 2017, and by July had laid down casks of its first single malt.

While the extension offers limited space for the modest set-up, Twin River has plans to build a larger brewery and distillery on a 2.2-acre plot in Banchory, which will incorporate a visitor centre, restaurant and taproom. To fund the move, Twin River is seeking to raise £1.4 million through the pre-sale of casks and crowdfunding.


  • 2012 Deeside Brewery is established in Banchory
  • 2017 Distilling equipment is added to an extension of the brewery
  • 2017 July: Twin River's first single malt is laid down

Twin River Facts

  • Capacity (mlpa) i
  • Fermentation Time i
    72 – 96 hours
  • Filling Strength i
    58% abv into Octaves
    63% abv into Hogsheads
  • Grist Weight (t) i
  • Heat Source i
    Electric heat elements
  • Malt Specification i
    Pale Malt/ Chocolate Malt/ Crystal Medium Malt. No phenols
  • Malt Supplier i
  • Mash Tun Type i
    Lauter Tun
  • New-make Strength i
    70% abv
  • Single Malt Percentage i
    50% single malt, 50% gin and other projects
  • Spirit Still Charge (l) i
  • Spirit Still Shape i
    Cube with column (iStill)
  • Spirit Still Size (l) i
  • Stills i
  • Wash Still Charge (l) i
  • Wash Still Shape i
    Cube with column (iStill)
  • Wash Still Size (l) i
  • Washback Charge (l) i
  • Washback Size (l) i
  • Washback Type i
    Stainless steel conical
  • Washbacks i
  • Water Source i
    Local water (filtered), and Deeside water for cutting/finishing
  • Yeast Type i
    Pinnacle distillers (active dry alcohol yeast)


Current owner

  • Deeside Brewery & Distillery Ltd


Twin River Distillery
The Steading
Lochton of Leys
AB31 5QB
United Kingdom
Visit Website
+44 (0)1339 883777
Visitor Opening Hours
Not open to the public


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