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John Bisset & Company Ltd owned the Bisset’s Finest Old, Gold Label and Glenlogie brands of blended Scotch and also bottled single malts, including Lagavulin, as a 1909 bottling from that Islay distillery is extant. The firm was leaseholder of Royal Brackla distillery prior to its takeover by The Distillers Company Ltd subsidiary SMD, and was subsequently listed as licensee of the distillery until its sale to John Dewar & Sons Ltd in 1998. 

John Bisset & Company History

John Bisset & Company Ltd was established in Aberdeen during 1828, and acquired the lease to Royal Brackla distillery, near Nairn in 1926, having previously moved its headquarters from Aberdeen to Leith. By this time, Bissets was owned by Booths Distillers Ltd, which went on to merge with William Sanderson & Son Ltd in 1935. Booths Distilleries Ltd was acquired by The Distillers Company Ltd in 1943, taking John Bisset & Company Ltd with it. 

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