Creative Whisky Company Profile

The Creative Whisky Company bottles single cask malts, grains and occasionally slightly larger batch blends and blended malts. The company was founded by David and Dawn Stirk in 2005, and releases new whisky expressions on a monthly basis.

Its ranges include the Exclusive Casks, Exclusive Malts, Exclusive Grains and Exclusive Blends, with ranges grouped into peated, Highland, Speyside and Islay classifications.

Creative also bottles its own Stirk’s gin brand.

Creative Whisky Company History

Having written extensively about whisky in magazines and books, and worked as global sales and marketing manager for independent bottler Wm Cadenhead, Stirk decided it was time to bottle whiskies himself.

In 2005 he established The Creative Whisky Company with wife Dawn out of their home in Cambuslang, near Glasgow. It wasn’t until 2011 that the duo began bottling their own whiskies themselves at a warehouse in Stevenston, North Ayrshire. However the lease on the property was only short, and Creative eventually moved its operation to a site in Thornhill, Dumfries & Galloway in 2013.

From its new location the company operates warehousing, offices, a bottling hall and offices.


Creative Whisky Company
New Cample Farm
Dumfries & Galloway
United Kingdom
+44 1848 331819

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