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Brodie Crawford & Co produced a handful of blended Scotch whisky brands for a limited time during the 1990s, including MacHill and Brodie’s Supreme. It operated as a whisky wholesaler with other registered activities listed as ‘whisky brand creation’.

Brodie Crawford & Co History

The company was co-founded in December 1992 by marketing consultant Stewart Shepley and the late founder of Isle of Arran Distillers, Harold Currie. The company registered a series of brands including Royal Lord, Brodie’s Supreme, Commander In Chief, Forth House and Glenmoy, the latter of which survived a trademark lawsuit from Macdonald & Muir, owner of Glen Moray distillery, in 2000.

Brodie Crawford & Co operated for just six years and was dissolved in 1998, the trademarks for its brands passing across to Shepley’s Shackleton Marketing Associates before expiring in 2000/01.

Distilleries & Brands


Brodie Crawford & Co
31 The Square
KA18 1AT
United Kingdom

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