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Independent blender The Lost Distillery Company is concerned with painstakingly researching and recreating whiskies in the style of lost distilleries, many of which last operated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As such, the company’s logo is the Triskele, an ancient Celtic symbol depicting reincarnation.

Each recreation takes the form of a blended malt, using select whiskies from various distilleries to generate a flavour profile considered to be similar to the style once produced. Without sample liquid to go on, the whiskies are compiled based on the distillery’s description, historical information and provincial ingredients and methods.

The company’s first two releases were Stratheden and Auchnagie, named for the respective lost Fife and Perthshire distilleries. Other releases have included Gerston, Jericho/Benachie, Lossit and Towiemore.

The Lost Distillery Company is owned by Crucial Drinks, a spirits producer founded by two ex-Diageo employees that also owns rum brands Six Saints and West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants.

The Lost Distillery Company History

The Lost Distillery Company was established by former Diageo employees Scott Watson and Brian Woods in 2013 as a subsidiary brand of Crucial Drinks (the trading name of LDC Scotland Ltd).

The pair established a working relationship with Professor Michael Moss of Glasgow University, who led a team of archivists to make an educated guess as to the whisky character of a handful of lost distilleries.

Over the last century, nearly 100 distilleries have closed down due to financial hardship or neglect. The Kilmarnock-based company currently has permission to produce modern interpretations of whiskies from 20 closed distilleries. Each production run is small, at around 800 cases.

In 2016 the company moved premises from the Olympic Business Park in Kilmarnock to Cumnock’s Dumfries House, a 2,000-acre estate restored by the duke of Rothesay in 2007.


The Lost Distillery Company Ltd
Dumfries House
KA18 2NJ
United Kingdom

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