Glenkeir Whiskies Profile

Glenkeir Whiskies Ltd owns the UK’s largest chain of whisky stores, The Whisky Shop, which has grown to over 22 branches nationwide. The stores offer house-bottled whiskies under the Glenkeir Treasures label, including expressions bottled in-shop direct from the cask. The stock for many of the earlier releases came directly from local Glaswegian bottler Douglas Laing. 


Glenkeir Whiskies History

Glenkeir Whiskies Ltd was founded 1992 when the first flagship Whisky Shop opened in Edinburgh. However, by 2004 the business was in financial difficulty, and was purchased by Ian Bankier, a former director of Burn Stewart and chairman of Celtic Football Club.

While the stores had produced independent bottlings prior to Bankier’s takeover, the Glenkeir Treasures range was introduced following the sale in 2005. 



Glenkeir Whiskies Limited T/A The Whisky Shop
Suite 2 Melisa House
3 Brand Place
Brand Street
G51 1DR
United Kingdom
+44 141 427 2977

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