The Bristol Brandy Company Profile

The Bristol Brandy Company made its living selecting and bottling early-landed Cognac for wealthy clients.

Over time the company evolved and applied the same method used in early-landed Cognac – aged for a short period in France before being shipped elsewhere for the remainder of their maturation period – to apple brandy, rum, and whisky in the cool conditions of a cellar in Wickwar, near Bristol.

In its later years single malt Scotch whiskies from across Scotland were bottled, the last of which was in the early 1990s.

The Bristol Brandy Company History

Bristol Brandy Company Ltd. was founded by John Barrett in 1973 and initially focused on early-landed Cognacs for private clients.

Bernard Hine, honorary chairman for the House of Hine in Jarnac, joined the board in 1991, around the same time the company released a series of single malt Scotch whisky bottlings. However the business was dissolved just three years later in 1994.

From its ashes, Barrett created Bristol Spirits Limited, which today exclusively bottles early-landed rums from around the worldunder the Bristol Classic Rum banner.


The Bristol Brandy Company
13 Grosvenor Crescent
United Kingdom

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