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As a whisky-related business, Eadie Cairns Ltd produced blended Scotch whisky, including National Choice, and owned Auchentoshan distillery near Glasgow from 1969 until 1984.

Eadie Cairns History

The company of Eadie Cairns Ltd has its origins in the second half of the 19th century, when Glasgow publican RW Cairns joined forces with Leith-born John Eadie. The two men developed a highly successful on-trade business and also became involved with whisky while operating as wine and spirit merchant.

Family ownership of the company continued after the deaths of the founders, and in 1969 the decision was taken to purchase Auchentoshan distillery at Dalmuir, from brewers Bass Charrington. The distillery underwent a major programme of modernisation in the hands of Eadie Cairns. The firm was already well known for its Cairns blended whisky brand, and Auchentoshan contributed to that, as well as being marketed with vigour as a single malt and offered to ‘own label’ clients. In 1984 Auchentoshan was sold to Stanley P Morrison Ltd.

In the same year, the company name was changed to RW Cairns Ltd, by which time it was headed by Jim Milne, a descendant of John Eadie. Under his leadership, the organisation built up a portfolio of some 50 off-licences, bars and hotels across the west of Scotland, with Glasgow’s famous 101 Restaurant as its flagship. In 2000 the company name reverted to Eadie Cairns Ltd.

Distilleries & Brands


Eadie Cairns Limited
Eadie House
74 Kirkintilloch Road
G64 2AH
United Kingdom

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