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Located in Milnathort, A. A. Muirhead was a specialist blender in the early 20th century, whose brands included Muirhead’s Finest Old, Tally Ho, Strathfillan, and – Muirhead’s most famous brand – the King James VI 1603 blend. All of these whiskies were bottled at 40% abv.


AA Muirhead History

Not to be confused with Charles Muirhead of Muirhead’s Blue Seal fame, Andrew A. Muirhead was based in Milnathort in Kinross-shire. The company’s whisky labels depicted stunning Scottish scenery in a watercolour style, making them easily recognisable. In particular, the Tally Ho blend features an early foxhunting scene with riders and hounds. In addition to Scotch whisky, A. A. Muirhead also bottled a Jamaican rum.

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