Airdry distillery

Lowland single malt Scotch whisky

Airdry distillery is something of a mystery. One source places it at what is now Wellside Avenue in the Thrashbush area of Airdrie village. If this is the case, then the nearby North Burn would have its water source. However, no maps of the era show a distillery in that area or anywhere near it. 

It is however possible the distillery was the predecessor of East Monkland distillery, which sat close to the Monkland Canal and River Calder. However, once again older maps show no distillery in that area.

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    Single malt
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Airdry History

Records show an Airdry distillery was licensed to James McNair in 1795, but it closed soon after.

In 1825 James McNair opened East Monkland distillery, potentially on the same site, although there’s no proven link between the two.


  • 1795 Airdry distillery is licensed to James McNair
  • 1795-6 The distillery closes
  • 1825 James Finlay opens East Monkland distillery, possibly on the same site
  • 1827 East Monkland’s licence passes to McIntyre, McKay & Co.
  • 1830 The distillery closes


United Kingdom

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