Dunverny distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Also spelled Dunvornie or Dunvournie, Dunverny distillery was another latecomer to Ferintosh on the Black Isle after the estate’s infamous ‘no excise duty’ concession was withdrawn.

The distillery operated under two licensees almost two decades apart. It was near a sister distillery, Braes of Dunvorny, but the two are separate and were separately operated.

It stood just north of the main A9 about a mile south of the Cromarty Firth road bridge and had several streams as potential water sources. The farm is still located on maps today.

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    Single malt
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Dunverny History

The infamous excise duty dispensation granted to Duncan Forbes of Culloden, allowing him to distil on the Ferintosh estate without paying taxes, was eventually revoked in 1784.

Dunverny distillery was first licensed to John Robeson from 1798-89, then to Arthur Robertson, who distilled from 1816-26, before he moved to Taynahinch distillery.


  • 1798 Dunverny distillery is opened by John Robertson
  • 1799 John Robertson ceases trading and the distillery is closed
  • 1816 Dunverny is re-opened by Arthur Robertson
  • 1826 Arthur Robertson is sequestrated and the distillery closed


By Dunvournie
Black Isle
Ross and Cromarty
United Kingdom

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