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Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Craiglodge is one of a few single cask, single malt expressions produced under the Loch Lomond Distillery Select banner in the mid-2000s – part of a range that also included Glen Douglas and the heavily peated Croftengea.

The medium peated spirit is used to add complexity to Loch Lomond’s blends, but enjoyed a limited and temporary release as a four-year-old single cask offering from 2005.

  • Region
  • Production type
    Single malt
  • Produced at
    Loch Lomond

Craiglodge History

Created at the Loch Lomond distillery, Craiglodge is one of a large and diverse array of spirits produced at the versatile production plant, made using varying levels of peating, yeasts and cut points.

Craiglodge, with a medium peating level, has a primary role in adding complexity to Loch Lomond’s blended Scotch whisky brands.

Loch Lomond’s previous owner gave Craiglodge a limited release in single cask form from 2005 – a time of range expansion which also saw the introduction of Inchmoan and Inchmurrin single malts.

Loch Lomond’s new owner – the company was acquired in 2014 by businessman Colin Matthews with the financial backing of Exponent Private Equity – currently has no plans for further releases of Craiglodge.


  • 1966 Loch Lomond distillery, the plant used to produce Craiglodge, opens
  • 1984 The distillery closes in the depths of an industry downturn
  • 1986 Loch Lomond is acquired by Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse, a year after passing to Inver House
  • 1998 Two additional ‘traditional’ stills are installed at Loch Lomond
  • 2005 Craiglodge is released as a four-year-old single cask single malt
  • 2014 Exponent Private Equity acquires Loch Lomond, with no plans for further Craiglodge releases
  • 2016 Two more straight neck pot stills are installed


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