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Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Inchmurrin’s intensely fruity new make spirit, which evolves into lighter flavours of grass and flowers, is the result of a high cut point from a pot still equipped with rectifying heads at the versatile Loch Lomond distillery in Alexandria.

Previously a bit-part player in the blends-heavy Loch Lomond operation, Inchmurrin has acquired a more significant role under the new ownership of Colin Matthews and Exponent Private Equity, and is part of the still developing Loch Lomond Island Collection malts range.

  • Region
  • Production type
    Single malt
  • Produced at
    Loch Lomond

Inchmurrin History

Inchmurrin is one of a raft of single malt styles produced at Loch Lomond distillery, which has been developed since its founding in 1966 to be capable of producing at least eight styles of spirit.

Like most of its sibling malts, it has historically been mostly reserved for the company’s blends, despite a short-lived and small-volume series of releases in the mid-2000s under the Distillery Select range.

Since the company was bought out in 2014, Inchmurrin has adopted a more significant role in the portfolio, with current variants including a 12-year-old, Madeira wood finish and 18-year-old.

The malt will be joined in the expanding Loch Lomond Island Collection range of single malts by fellow variant Inchmoan – also named after an island on Loch Lomond, of which Inchmurrin is the largest.

Inchmurrin’s character is typically fruity, floral and soft, while Inchmoan offers a peaty variation.


  • 1966 Loch Lomond distillery opens in Alexandria, Dunbartonshire
  • 1984 The oversupply crisis afflicting the whisky industry sees the distillery close temporarily
  • 1986 Loch Lomond is bought by Glen Catrine, a year after it passed into the hands of Inver House
  • 2005 A 12-year-old Inchmurrin is launched, but releases remain sporadic
  • 2014 New ownership of Loch Lomond leads to a more significant role for Inchmurrin, with three expressions available


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