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Fox Fitzgerald operates in four principal areas: representing and growing whisky brands, sourcing bulk and private label whisky, bottling a range of single malts under the Rest & Be Thankful Whisky Co. banner, and offering its own brands of Scotch whisky. The latter includes Peat’s Beast, a heavily-peated single malt, The Corriemhor, a Sherry cask-influenced ‘cigar malt,’ and the Glen Stuart blended Scotch.

Fox Fitzgerald’s Rest & Be Thankful Whisky Co. range of single cask bottlings initially specialised in Bruichladdich expressions but has since branched out to incorporate whiskies from other distilleries. The name is inspired by a stone inscription made by soldiers building a long, steep military road near the junction of the A83 and the B828 in 1753, which encouraged travellers to rest at the top of the hill and be thankful for reaching the highest point. 


Fox Fitzgerald History

The company was established by Eamon Jones in 2010, with Aidan Smith joining as co-director three years later. The pair had first worked together selling Bulmer cider brands in 1988, and both ultimately were employed by Whyte & Mackay Ltd prior to their current venture. Peat’s Beast was Fox Fitzgerald’s first whisky, launched in 2010.

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Fox Fitzgerald Whisky Trading
50 Baysham Street
United Kingdom
+44 7736 632749

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