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Blended Scotch Whisky

Created exclusively for export by Glasgow broker and blender William Lundie & Co., Royal Heritage was labelled ‘the whisky of privilege’. Bottled as a 21-year-old blended Scotch, made using ‘only the very oldest whiskies from Scotland’s most celebrated distilleries’, Royal Heritage was presented in a dark green ceramic decanter at 43% abv.

The brand is no longer in production, although William Lundie & Co. retains the trademark. 

  • Production type
    Blended Scotch

Royal Heritage History

Royal Heritage was one of the major blended whisky brands produced by William Lundie & Co. Ltd, the wholesaling sister company of established whisky broker Lundie & Co.

Formed during the 1950s, William Lundie & Co. also introduced the Lismore brand, a collection of blends and single malts under the same name. Both Lismore and Royal Heritage were introduced during the 1970s, with sales mostly confined to export.

In 2004 the firm was acquired by J&G Grant, the owner of Glenfarclas distillery. Royal Heritage, which was still being produced for one of the firm’s Taiwan customers, was removed from sale in 2008.


  • 1932 Robert Lundie establishes whisky brokerage Lundie & Morrison
  • 1950s Robert’s sons, William and John Lundie, establish William Lundie & Co.
  • 1974 William Lundie & Co is incorporated
  • 1977 The Royal Heritage brand is introduced
  • 2004 William Lundie & Co. is acquired by J&G Grant of Glenfarclas
  • 2008 Production of Royal Heritage ceases


Parent company

Current owner


William Lundie & Company
AB37 9BD
United Kingdom
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Not open to the public


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