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William Lundie & Co Ltd offers a broad range of blended, single malt and blended malt Scotches under the Lismore brand, principally for export markets. The brand is named after a small island off the west coast of Scotland, and the identity of the single malts used in the various expressions of Lismore are not disclosed. 


WM Lundie & Company History

Members of the Lundie family have had a long involvement with the Scotch whisky industry, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that brothers John and Willie Lundie established the brokerage firm of William Lundie & Co.

As the business of brokering became progressively less lucrative – thanks to greater consolidation of distillery ownership into ever fewer international hands – the Lundies began to concentrate on cased goods and export markets, particularly after John and Willie retired in the early 1980s.

For a time, the company also acted as sole UK agent for Macduff Highland Malt, owned by William Lawson Distillers. Bruce and Alan Lundie took over the business from their fathers, but when Bruce retired in 2004, J&G Grant acquired the cased goods operation of William Lundie & Sons, which it currently operates from its offices in Ballindalloch, Moray.

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WM Lundie & Company Limited
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