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Two expressions of Hedges & Butler are offered by Macleod’s, namely a ‘standard’ blend and a 12-year-old Royal Deluxe variant. According to the brand owners, the whiskies contain a high proportion of first-rate malt and grain whiskies, sourced from more than 15 distilleries, and all component whiskies are aged five years and over.

Hedges and Butler Limited History

The firm of Hedges & Butler was established in London in 1667 by Edmund Harris as a wine and spirits merchant. It traded initially on The Strand, before being relocated in 1819 to sumptuous premises on Regent Street. Two years later the company supplied Champagne, Port and fine wines for the Coronation banquet of King George IV, who granted Hedges & Butler a Royal Warrant in 1830. Queen Victoria followed suit in 1837 and the firm became a noted supplier of wine and spirits to royal houses, both British and overseas.

Although specialising in wine, Hedges & Butler began to produce its own blended Scotch whiskies before the Second World War, with these being aimed very much at the top end of the market. The 1960s saw the company acquired by leading brewer The Bass Charrington Group, but since 1998 the brand name has been owned by Ian Macleod Distillers.

Distilleries & Brands


Hedges and Butler Limited
Russell House
Dunnet Way
West Lothian
EH52 5BU
United Kingdom

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