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Whigham Fergusson Ltd is an active (dormant) plc incorporated in April 1980, with a registered address in Edinburgh, concerned in the wholesaling of wines and spirits. The business is majority-owned by John E Fells Ltd, one of the UK’s leading fine wine importers, itself in the ownership of Symington Family Estates, and with a heritage dating back to 1858.

Whigham Fergusson History

Established in the Scottish west coast port of Ayr during 1766, the company was initially Alexander Oliphant & Co, and later traded as Whigham, Ferguson, Cuningham & Co Ltd. It has been known by its current name since 1968, when it entered separate ownership from Whighams of Ayr Ltd, with which it shared a common heritage, having latterly been an Edinburgh branch of its Ayr parent.  From its inception, the firm was principally focused on trading with Europe, and sent out its initial overseas shipment to New York during its first year of business.

Whigham Fergusson Ltd has been associated with John E Fells Ltd since 1981, and it once boasted a respected range of blended whiskies, which included Whigham’s No.1, Whigham’s No.10 eight-year-old, and Whigham’s 12-year-old vatted malt. 

Distilleries & Brands

Associated companies

  • John E Fells & Sons (Current owner)


Whigham Fergusson Limited
John E Fells & Sons Ltd
Fells House, Prince Edward Street
United Kingdom
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