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Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Stratheden is one of the many blended malts created by the Lost Distillery Company in homage to the styles of long-forgotten distilleries.

Fife’s Stratheden distillery was originally named Auchtermuchty after the local town, and survived almost a century under the ownership of the Bonthrone family.

The modern Stratheden blended malt takes into account the original distillery’s use of Orkney peat, and preference for maturation in Sherry casks, and as such has a briny yet fruity and spicy quality.

Stratheden is available in three expressions: Classic, Archivist and Vintage.

  • Production type
    Blended malt

Stratheden History

Stratheden distillery – or Auchtermuchty as it was originally called – was established around 1829 by Alexander Bonthrone. Three generations of the same family, who were bastions of distilling, brewing, malting and milling in Fife, operated the distillery through downturns in the market and through the other side of the First World War.

In the end, modern working practices, increases in duty and US Prohibition put paid to Stratheden, but the old warehouses can still be seen in the village, near the centre by the lade which supplied water to the distillery.

In 2013 Stratheden was one of the first two blended malts launched by the newly created Lost Distillery Company, the other being Auchnagie.


  • 1829 Alexander Bonthrone builds Auchtermuchty distillery
  • 1890 The distillery name is changed to Stratheden following Alexander’s death
  • 1926 Stratheden distillery closes
  • 2013 Stratheden blended malt is introduced by The Lost Distillery Company


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