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Professor David Thomson, a former lecturer at the University of Reading and chairman of MMR Research, grew up in the region of Dumfries and Galloway. When the opportunity arose to purchase the old Annandale distillery, which had been used as a porridge production plant for many years, he couldn’t resist restoring it to its former glory.

Thomson established the Annandale Distillery Company with his wife, Teresa Church, in 2007, and worked with teams from the College of Arts and Archaeology at the University of Reading to redevelop the unloved site as closely to its original condition as possible.

The Annandale distillery is now operational and is open to visitors.

Annandale Distillery Company History

The Annandale Distillery Company was formed in 2007 by the husband-and-wife team to purchase and rebuild the historic Annandale distillery in Dumfries and Galloway.

The original distillery was built in 1830 by former excise officer George Donald, and ran pretty steadily until 1921, when then-owner John Walker & Sons shut it down, stripping its plant out and selling it on to the Robinson family, famous for their breakfast cereals.

The buildings were transformed into a production line for the Provost porridge oats brand, and the warehouses used to house cattle. By the time Annandale Distillery Company acquired the site it had fallen into a bad state of disrepair.

It took the company seven years and around £10.5 million to painstakingly rebuild Annandale and resurrect its former glory. Production restarted in 2014, and individual casks are available to purchase from the distillery ahead of a single malt release.


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