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The Glen Turner Company was established by French group La Martiniquaise to oversee its Scotch whisky operations, although upon its incorporation in 1981 the group may not have realised just how big that operation would eventually become.

In its infancy the company managed the production and marketing of the Label 5 blend, which has since gone on to be one of the biggest selling blended Scotch whiskies in the world.

Nowadays Glen Turner also operates the Glen Moray single malt distillery in Elgin, the Starlaw grain distillery in Edinburgh, and the production of the Sir Edward’s blend and Glen Turner vatted and single malt.

Glen Turner Company History

Although France’s La Martiniquaise group was founded in 1934, it didn’t start working with Scotch until 1969 when it launched the Label 5 blended whisky brand.

It established the Glen Turner Blending Company in 1981 to manage Label 5 and later the Glen Turner ‘pure malt’ brand. The company changed its name in 2001 to the Glen Turner Distillery Ltd, which began a period of rapid expansion for the French company in Scotch.

The group established the First Blending Company in 2004 as a subsidiary to build and operate a huge 28-hectare maturation, blending and bottling facility in Bathgate, Edinburgh.

In 2008 Glen Turner purchased the Glen Moray distillery from the Glenmorangie Company, which has been a core component of its Label 5 blend. By then, work had already begun building a grain distillery at the Bathgate site – Scotland’s first for 40 years. Starlaw distillery opened in 2010 and its whisky is now being used as a filling for Label 5 and Sir Edward’s.

The opening of Starlaw prompted another name change for the group to the Glen Turner Company.

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Glen Turner Company Limited
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United Kingdom

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