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Jameson unveils Cold Brew Irish coffee drink


Jameson has launched Cold Brew, a blend of Irish whiskey and cold brew coffee, to appeal to both whiskey and coffee drinkers.

Jameson Cold Brew Irish whiskey coffee bottle with glass
Cup o' Joe: Jameson Cold Brew is two parts Fairtrade cold brew coffee and one part Jameson whiskey

Developed over ‘a few years’, the spirit drink is made up of two parts Fairtrade-certified coffee from Brazil and Columbia and one part Jameson whiskey, with less than 1% sugar added to ‘take the edge off’ the bitterness of the coffee.

Jameson international brand ambassador Ciarán O’Donovan, said: ‘The coffee consumer and the whisky consumer have crossover, so we’re doing a small trial run to see if drinkers like what we’re offering.’

‘Lots of people are interested in coffee and drinkers have flagged that they would like to see this type of innovation.’

Only 3,000 bottles of the spirit drink have been produced exclusively for Ireland so far, sold in Jameson’s flagship Bow Street visitor centre in Dublin, Irish off-license chain O’Briens and some Dublin bars.

O’Donovan added: ‘The product’s conception has been around for a few years, but every time we bring out new products they’re always trialed in Ireland first.’

Now the drink has launched in Ireland, Jameson Cold Brew will be available in Australia from October and the US from April 2019.

Designed to be served over ice, in a ‘Cold Fashioned’ cocktail or as an Irish Coffee, Jameson Cold Brew contains 48mg of caffeine per 50ml recommended serve.

Priced at €28.50 per 500ml bottle, Jameson Cold Brew is bottled at 35% abv.

More suggested recipes for the spirit drink, including Cold Brew Espresso Martinis and Highballs, can be found on the Jameson website.

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