Famous whisky drinkers

  • Rip Torn Rip Torn Rip Torn Famous whisky drinkers 22 August 2019

    Rip Torn

    The versatile actor was famed for a series of drink-fuelled hellraising antics off-screen.

  • Jessica Jones Jessica Jones Jessica Jones Famous whisky drinkers 12 June 2019

    Jessica Jones

    Marvel’s hard-drinking noir hero shot to fame in her own critically-acclaimed Netflix series.

  • Moominpappa Moominpappa Moominpappa Famous whisky drinkers 30 May 2019


    Tove Jansson’s much-loved creation, father of Moomintroll, is a lover of fine old whisky.

  • Bob Harris, Lost in Translation Bob Harris, Lost in Translation Bob Harris, Lost in Translation Famous whisky drinkers 15 April 2019

    Bob Harris, Lost in Translation

    Bill Murray’s jet-lagged and jaded movie star remains his most celebrated film role.

  • Robert Palmer Robert Palmer Robert Palmer Famous whisky drinkers 07 March 2019

    Robert Palmer

    The soulful singer was famous for his love of single malt, sharp suits and cigarettes.

  • Ron Burgundy Ron Burgundy Ron Burgundy Famous whisky drinkers 06 February 2019

    Ron Burgundy

    Great Odin’s raven! To the original Anchorman, ‘Scotchy Scotch Scotch’ is kind of a big deal.

  • Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra Famous whisky drinkers 21 January 2019

    Frank Sinatra

    America’s most loved singer had a colourful off-stage life, with Jack Daniel’s to the fore.

  • Captain Haddock Captain Haddock Captain Haddock Famous whisky drinkers 18 December 2018

    Captain Haddock

    Tintin’s most loyal companion loves a drop or two of Scotch – particularly Loch Lomond.

  • David Daiches David Daiches David Daiches Famous whisky drinkers 18 September 2018

    David Daiches

    The academic and cultural commentator was also an influential writer about Scotch whisky.

  • James Robertson Justice James Robertson Justice James Robertson Justice Famous whisky drinkers 30 August 2018

    James Robertson Justice

    The actor loved whisky so much he claimed to have been born ‘under a distillery in Skye’.

  • Brian Close Brian Close Brian Close Famous whisky drinkers 30 July 2018

    Brian Close

    Scotch played a part in Close developing a reputation as the ‘bravest’ man in cricket.

  • Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Famous whisky drinkers 04 July 2018

    Babe Ruth

    The baseball legend was famed for his home runs – and his formidable off-field appetites.

  • Dashiell Hammett Dashiell Hammett Dashiell Hammett Famous whisky drinkers 13 June 2018

    Dashiell Hammett

    Scotch featured heavily in the crime author’s works, including The Maltese Falcon and Red Harvest.

  • Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Famous whisky drinkers 16 May 2018

    Robert Mitchum

    The story of one of the great actors of Hollywood’s golden age – and his love of Scotch.

  • Sid James Sid James Sid James Famous whisky drinkers 30 April 2018

    Sid James

    The Carry On… actor loved Scotch so much he’d insist on bringing a case on-set with him.

  • Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker Famous whisky drinkers 12 April 2018

    Dorothy Parker

    The American writer and poet had a lasting, but devastating, love for Scotch whisky.

  • Katharine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn Famous whisky drinkers 15 February 2018

    Katharine Hepburn

    The four-time Oscar winner had a long and distinguished career – and a love for Famous Grouse.

  • Princess Margaret Princess Margaret Princess Margaret Famous whisky drinkers 21 December 2017

    Princess Margaret

    Recalling the Queen’s late sister, a controversial figure noted for her love of The Famous Grouse.

  • Truman Capote Truman Capote Truman Capote Famous whisky drinkers 21 November 2017

    Truman Capote

    The author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a supremely talented writer with a penchant for J&B Rare.

  • Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess Famous whisky drinkers 04 September 2017

    Anthony Burgess

    The author of A Clockwork Orange was almost as prolific with whisky and he was with the pen.

  • Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens Famous whisky drinkers 21 August 2017

    Christopher Hitchens

    The English-born journalist and polemicist loved controversy, and Johnnie Walker Black Label.

  • Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Famous whisky drinkers 19 June 2017

    Jackie Gleason

    America’s first great TV star sure loved his food, cigarettes and, of course, Scotch whisky.

  • Dean Martin Dean Martin Dean Martin Famous whisky drinkers 16 May 2017

    Dean Martin

    The Rat Pack reveller was known for his friendly, ‘drunky’ performances and fondness for J&B Rare.

  • King James IV King James IV King James IV Famous whisky drinkers 22 March 2017

    King James IV

    One of Scotland’s greatest monarchs, with a keen interest in warfare, sport – and aqua vitae.

  • Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher Famous whisky drinkers 28 February 2017

    Margaret Thatcher

    Britain’s first female Prime Minister, ‘The Iron Lady’, believed in whisky to give you energy.

  • Joe Namath Joe Namath Joe Namath Famous whisky drinkers 28 November 2016

    Joe Namath

    The controversial American football star had a particular soft spot for Johnnie Walker Red.

  • Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart Famous whisky drinkers 30 August 2016

    Humphrey Bogart

    The film star was always three drinks ahead, whether it be with a Scotch or a Martini in hand.

  • Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill Famous whisky drinkers 11 July 2016

    Sir Winston Churchill

    Be it with breakfast, lunch or dinner, Sir Winston Churchill’s affection for Scotch was no secret.

  • Sir Kingsley Amis Sir Kingsley Amis Sir Kingsley Amis Famous whisky drinkers 23 June 2016

    Sir Kingsley Amis

    The sharp-tongued novelist was critical about alcoholic beverages, but passionate about Scotch.

  • David Niven David Niven David Niven Famous whisky drinkers 25 April 2016

    David Niven

    The actor, author and raconteur counted Scotch as a constant companion in his colourful life.

  • Robert Burns Robert Burns Robert Burns Famous whisky drinkers 25 January 2016

    Robert Burns

    Peasant, bard or a bit of both? Reconciling the contradictions surrounding Scotland’s national poet.

  • Compton Mackenzie Compton Mackenzie Compton Mackenzie Famous whisky drinkers 13 January 2016

    Compton Mackenzie

    The Whisky Galore author was also a wartime spy for MI6 and a lover of classical music and cats.

  • Robert Bruce Lockhart Robert Bruce Lockhart Robert Bruce Lockhart Famous whisky drinkers 10 December 2015

    Robert Bruce Lockhart

    From plots to assassinate Lenin to championing malts over blends, the dramatic story of ‘RBL’.

  • Queen Victoria Queen Victoria Queen Victoria Famous whisky drinkers 20 October 2015

    Queen Victoria

    Despite her stern demeanour, the not-so-merry monarch was a great lover of Scotch whisky.

  • Sir Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott Famous whisky drinkers 14 September 2015

    Sir Walter Scott

    The author of Ivanhoe did more than most to romanticise the Highlands – and Scotch malt whisky.

  • James Bond James Bond James Bond Famous whisky drinkers 10 August 2015

    James Bond

    From Martinis to Macallan (via lager), James Bond's taste in alcohol is as varied as his love life.

  • Mark Twain Mark Twain Mark Twain Famous whisky drinkers 13 July 2015

    Mark Twain

    How a chance encounter aboard a Transatlantic liner made Mark Twain a Scotch whisky aficionado.

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