Jim McEwan reveals Ardnahoe distillery plans

28 November 2017 by

Islay’s ninth distillery is on track to be open to visitors by the time the Islay Festival rolls around in May 2018.

Today Ardnahoe distillery’s stills began their journey from Speyside Copperworks in Moray across to Islay’s northeastern coast where they will be installed in a stillhouse overlooking the Sound of Islay and the Paps of Jura.

It’s a big moment for Ardnahoe owner Hunter Laing & Co., and production director Jim McEwan, the former Bruichladdich master distiller who came out of retirement to oversee the distillery build.

Scotchwhisky.com caught up with McEwan at the Ardnahoe site during last year’s Islay Festival.

Here he reveals plans for Islay’s first worm tubs, Ardnahoe’s signature style plus the (eventual) release of a single malt called the Ardnahoe Whisper.

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