Nick Offerman's Yule Log Parody

03 December 2015 by

Lending its weight to the tide of Yule Log parodies taking over the Internet is this cracker from Lagavulin, featuring Parks and Recreations actor Nick Offerman.

On Christmas Day many Americans settle down at home with a glass of something strong or hot and trick themselves into thinking they have a traditional log fire in their own living room with the annual Yule Log broadcast - a continuous moving picture of a fire.

But why just settle for the fireplace when you can awkwardly stare at Offerman as he slowly devours a glass of Lagavulin over a 45-minute period? How can he stay so still for so long? Is that fire not getting too hot? How can he make one glass of Scotch last that long? There are so many questions that only Offerman's silent, calm and meditative demeanour can answer.

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