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A blended Scotch does not need a global presence to enjoy a long life, and that is proven by the continued presence of McCallum’s Perfection. While it seems to have disappeared from its homeland, it still boasts a number of loyal fans in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. You can also find bottles on the Caribbean island of St Kitts & Nevis. Dubbed ‘the poor man’s Macallan’ it boasts a malty sweetness and a faint whiff of soft smoke, possibly from one of its alleged central malts – Cragganmore.

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    Blended Scotch

McCallum's History

Brothers Duncan and John McCallum set up as innkeepers in Edinburgh in 1807. The pub was known as the Tattie Pit and grew to include a shop and a warehouse. The McCallum’s Perfection blend was first released in 1911, and became popular in Australia with its familiar label of a warlike clan chief with claymore drawn and shield ready.

D&J McCallum Ltd eventually had an office in Sydney, as well as in London and Birmingham. Early adverts co-opted Britannia and declared the blend was ‘the spirit of the Empire’. The original pub disappeared in a zeppelin bombing raid during the First World War, and by 1937 the firm of D&J McCallum had become part of the mighty Distillers Company Ltd (DCL), which eventually became Diageo. 


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