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Destilerias y Crianzas was established to build and operate the first whisky distillery in Spain, although for a time it owned Lochside distillery in Montrose, Scotland. The malt distillery provided DYC with whisky for its burgeoning blend, though as its own stocks matured and the company was sold on, Lochside was closed and eventually demolished.

Today DYC produces five whiskies, including a standard blend, an 8-year-old blend, a ‘pure malt’ and 10 Year Old single malt.

Destilerias y Crianzas History

Businessman Nicomedes Garcia Gomez had a dream to become the first producer of Spanish whisky, and so founded Destilerias y Crianzas in 1958. The following year DYC built its first distillery in Palazuelos de Eresma in Segovia, which released its first product, DYC blended whisky, in 1963.

DYC purchased its second distillery in 1973, this time Scottish malt distillery Lochside in Montrose from Joseph Hobbs. Lochside’s malt was used as a filling for DYC’s blends, which by the following year included an 8 Year Old.

DYC was taken over by Spanish wine producer Pedro Domecq which closed Lochside, and was itself acquired by British drinks group Allied Domecq.

Upon Pernod Ricard and Fortune Brands’ takeover of Allied Domecq in 2005, DYC was transferred to Fortune, and is now a subsidiary of Beam Suntory.


Lugar Molino del Arco
0 S/N
40194 Palazuelos de Eresma
+34 921 449 250

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