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Blended Scotch Whisky

Clanroy has its roots in the 1930s, and has over the years formed a major part of various distillers and blenders portfolios. Known as an ‘easy drinker’ with a very soft smoky palate, the blend may well have contained whiskies from Bladnoch and Bowmore distilleries at one time or another, such was the company it kept as part of T&A McClelland and Morrison Bowmore’s portfolios.

  • Production type
    Blended Scotch

Clanroy History

The Clanroy blend has always been registered to T&A McClelland, the distiller and blender behind Bladnoch distillery that can trace its roots back to 1818.

The company, and distillery, were sold to Dunville & Co. in 1911, which began to grow a stable of blended whisky brands under the McClelland name.

In 1931 a UK trademark for the Clanroy blend was registered, with a separate trademark for the US filed two years later as Prohibition drew to a close. McClellands planned to grow Clanroy into a global brand, and it leaped onto the American’s seemingly insatiable thirst for Scotch whisky.

In 1970 the company was acquired by Stanley P. Morrison Ltd, a firm with its roots in whisky broking that morphed into Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd upon its acquisition of Bowmore distillery in 1963.

Clanroy continued to have a global presence until the 1990s, when Japanese distiller Suntory took over Morrison Bowmore. The brand is now dormant, although its trademark is still registered in the UK.


  • 1818 The McClelland family establish Bladnoch distillery
  • 1878 T&A McClelland takes over Bladnoch distillery
  • 1911 T&A McClelland is acquired by Dunville & Co.
  • 1931 A trademark for Clanroy is registered in the UK
  • 1933 A US trademark for Clanroy is registered
  • 1940 T&A McClelland is incorporated
  • 1970 Stanley P. Morrison Ltd purchases T&A McClelland, as well as the Clanroy brand
  • 1994 Suntory acquires Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd, and the Clanroy brand is withdrawn
  • 2014 Suntory acquires US distiller Beam Inc, forming Beam Suntory


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