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Lost Distillery Company creates mini pack


A selection pack of blended Scotch whiskies based on the style of malt produced by long lost distilleries has been created.

Lost Distillery Company miniatures
Gift Pack: Offering a glimpse of how these lost distilleries' whiskies may have tasted

The Lost Distillery Company (TLDC) has compiled all seven blended malts in its Classic Range into a miniatures selection pack.

Each 5cl bottle in the new Discovery Selection is an interpretation of the style of single malt produced by a single distillery, created through in-depth historical research.

The whiskies include blended malts based on the character of Auchnagie, Stratheden, Towiemore, Jericho, Gerston, Dalaruan and Lossit distilleries.

Scott Watson, co-founder of The Lost Distillery Company, said: ‘We’ve spent the last four years developing and refining our diverse whisky portfolio to bring the stories of some of Scotland’s lost distilleries back to life.

‘Our new Discovery Selection boxes allow consumers to get a taste of whiskies from across the range and what these forgotten malts might be like if they were still in production today.’

The Discovery Selection packs, which contain six 5cl bottles, are available globally for around £34.99 each.

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