Laphroaig’s #OpinionsWelcome – in one take

31 October 2016 by

As the US Presidential election nears, Islay single malt Laphroaig has commandeered that great political delaying tactic – the filibuster – to showcase the breadth and number of responses to its #OpinionsWelcome campaign.

Comedian and actor Andy Daly spends three and a half hours reading out thousands of submissions from Americans with strong views on the pungent flavours of this ‘opinionated, polarising’ Scotch whisky – encompassing ‘unwavering love, visceral disgust and just plain bafflement’.

‘Thank you, Mr President,’ he begins. ‘While arguments rage over policy and experience, I rise today to speak about another passionate debate gripping the nation: Laphroaig, the richest of single malt whiskies.

‘I will read into the record thousands of Americans’ opinions: good, bad and confused. Is Laphroaig a peaty, smoky delight – or does it smell like a burning hospital? And, yes, I intend to speak for an extended period of time.’

From Jeremy in Plainview, New York, to Thomas in Seekonk, Massachusetts, the filibuster includes 17 references to iodine, seven allusions to Band-Aids, plus mentions of dragons, a cartoon whale and a bagpiper wrapped in bacon.

‘Those are memories I’ll carry with me for ever,’ says a weary Daly as the skies behind him darken and he reaches the end of his lengthy monologue.

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