Longman Distillers Profile

The export arm of Invergordon Distillers Ltd. specialising in bulk exports of blended Scotch whisky to the US, Italy and Germany among others.


Longman Distillers History

This company was formed in 1965 as the overseas marketing arm of Invergordon Distillers Ltd.

Longman Distillers exported blended whiskies in bulk and bottle for sale under individual importers’ own labels. Brands registered in its name include Glenfoyle, Glen Eagle, Glendrostan and Scot’s Bard.

In 1993 the company, along with the rest of Invergordon Distillers was purchased by Whyte & Mackay.

Distilleries & Brands



Longman Distillers Limited
Dalmore House
310 St Vincent Street
G2 5RG
United Kingdom

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