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Longmorn reopens after chemical spill


Longmorn distillery was forced to close after a chemical spill resulted in an evacuation of the plant.

Longmorn distillery
Longmorn distillery predominantly produces malt whisky for blends

The Speyside distillery, near Elgin, was closed for several hours after a tank of nitric acid spilled in a chemical storage room.

Firefighters from nearby stations, along with a hazardous materials expert from Inverness handled the clean up using gas suits and breathing apparatus, while being advised by an expert in Glasgow, according to the Press and Journal.

Vapours from nitric acid, which is used to clean certain areas of the distillery, can cause serious burns if it comes into contact with the skin, and breathing difficulty if inhaled.

The spillage was contained and a spokesperson for Chivas Brothers, which owns Longmorn distillery, said the clean-up operation was a success.

‘Chivas Brothers can confirm that a spill occurred at its Longmorn site, whereby a chemical fluid was released onto the plant floor.

‘Chivas Brothers employees, our contractors and the emergency services on site all worked effectively to contain the spillage.’

Nobody was hurt during the incident.

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