Strathclyde History

Glasgow’s distilleries, until the opening of its new single malt plant, were kept as far out of the public’s ken as possible, which wasn’t an easy feat when one of them, Port Dundas, was a massive, steaming building on top of a hill. Its other – and now only – grain distillery has been more successful.

Strathclyde distillery is located in the Gorbals on the south side of the River Clyde opposite Glasgow Green and it’s nice to think that an operation so dependent on steam should be located so close to the park where James Watt was struck with inspiration for his vapour-driven engine.

The distillery – on the site of an old cotton mill – was initially built by London distiller Seager Evans in 1927 mainly to supply neutral grain spirit for its gins. In 1936, Seager Evans moved into Scotch with the purchase of the Long John brand.

In 1957, like many grain distilleries, Strathclyde secreted a malt plant – here called Kinclaith – inside its walls. This ran from 1957 to 1975 when it was removed to make way for a two-phase expansion of the grain/neutral spirit side of the operation. At the same time, the firm’s blending and warehousing site next door was also demolished

Long John Distilleries (as Seager Evans’ whisky division was named) went through a number of hands, eventually ending up within Allied Distillers, by which time Strathclyde would also have been supplying some of the grain to the Ballantine’s and Teacher’s blends. It is now part of the Chivas Brothers stable and still, amazingly, goes unnoticed by the strollers along the banks of the Clyde. 

Strathclyde Facts

  • Capacity (mlpa) i
  • Cook time i
    4 hours per fermenter
  • Distillation system i
    Interconnected sieve tray columns
  • Fermentation Time i
    50 hours
  • Grain type i
  • Malted barley % i
  • New-make Strength i
  • Number of columns i
  • Water Source i
    Town mains


Parent company

Current owner

Previous owners


Strathclyde Distillery
40 Moffat Street
G5 0QB
United Kingdom
+44 141 429 2024
Visitor Opening Hours
Not open to the public


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